Gut bacteria are beneficial when in the right place

We are launching GutClear™, our SIBO supplement, as a capsule! Convenient and more manageable to dose as needed. After several years of experience working with the intestinal flora, we have noticed that many have small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) and fungus.

GutClear™ consists of different botanicals such as psyllium seeds, bark from magnolia and jatoba, and rose root. The magnolia bark may support normal gut function and regular bowel movements and has antimicrobial effects. Psyllium seeds may support normal gut function, bowel movement, and digestion. Therefore, GutClear™ may promote normal gut function and reduce unwelcome microbes in the small gut without affecting the beneficial intestinal flora in the colon. We like the phrase: bacteria are good but in the right place.



It all starts with the gut

Gutfeeling Labs was founded by two researchers in immunology and neuroscience, who in their work began to see connections between intestinal flora and health.

We want to focus on an area that is less talked about today, SIBO - an often stress-induced overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine. SIBO is not a diagnosis but describes an imbalance in the bacterial distribution in the intestines. By following the latest research and being at the forefront, we develop and offer products for gut health associated with an imbalanced intestinal flora.

About Gutfeeling Labs


  • ‐ Erika - GutClear™ 
    Gut microbiome testing

    "My situation was so chaotic with stomach pains, gas, but also joint pain. I took GutClear and after just a few days I was completely fine..I also feel calmer and more balanced. Now I'm excited to continue with the dietary advice you give when you get your test results. Thank you for all you do for those of us who live with these problems on a daily basis."

  • ‐ Elin Jarmosdotter -
    Gut microbiome testing

    "I am a very satisfied customer who will return and do several analyzes to see if I can improve my intestinal flora further through their dietary advice. A health investment at a good price. Recommends everyone to do an analysis of their intestinal flora as a step in being able to influence their health."

  • ‐ Selma - GutClear™

    "I tried GutClear and noticed a difference already after a few days, although still nauseous while I used GutClear but this subsided after the last dose on the 10th day. Since then I have felt much better and my stomach is now cooperating with me! Now I can follow the dietary advice I received in connection with my analysis at Gutfeeling Labs and I have also eaten fish, especially salmon several times without problems, both oven baked and hot smoked and I am very happy for that :)"

When the gut impacts your well-being

Many people plan their life according to their gut. They cancel dinners, constantly look for the toilet in new places, and worry about calling in sick because of stomach upsets. In addition to affecting you psychologically, the gut may also indirectly affect the rest of the body. About 25 % of the population in Sweden has an upset stomach, and scientific studies have shown that 80% of them have SIBO.