Examples of results

When your test is complete, you will receive an email. You can then log in to your personal page to see your analysis results and take part in the information about diet and dietary supplements that is produced based on your analysis results. Here we show an example of an analysis result.

Overview of result groups

When you log in, you find 4 different result groups:

  • Potentially pathogenic bacteria
  • Bacteria that may be associated with health problems
  • Diversity and F/B ratio
  • Bacteria associated with good health

You can see your bacteria for each group by clicking on "+ Click here to expand and display."

Your results

When you click to expand a group, your results will appear. In this example, we have expanded the last group which are "bacteria associated with good health".

In the example below, we see that the person in question has increased his amount of Lactobacillus, and therefore a green arrow is visible upwards as it is a positive development. In the example you also see a red, yellow and green dot. For the "good" bacteria, a green dot means that you have this bacterium at a significant level. If the dot is red, the level is below the reference range of the reference group and if the dot is yellow, the value is average.

In short: a green dot and green arrow are always good.

When it comes to the "less good" bacteria, green means you have low levels, which is desirable. A red dot means that the less good bacteria is present in your intestine. In the example below, we see that the "less good" bacterium Bacteroides vulgatus occurs, and that it has decreased compared to the previous test period. Hence a green downward arrow. The "good" bacterium Faecalibacterium prausnitzii has also increased, which gives it a green upward arrow.

In-depth information about each bacterial group

You can click on the respective results and see detailed information about the selected bacterium. Here you see to what extent the bacterium is present in your intestine and information about this.

Dietary advice and shopping list

Under "Dietary advice" you will find your individual shopping list that shows what you can eat more of, based on your results. You can also click on each food icon to read more about its health-promoting functions and which bacterium the food is based on. In the shopping list, you also see if you should get any dietary supplement.

You can click on the icon for the respective food or dietary supplement to read more, and why it is recommended for you.

What is the next step?

Now you have everything you need to optimize your intestinal flora and just head to your nearest grocery store, or order items online. You can download your shopping list and take it with you if you want. We recommend doing another analysis after about 3 months to see if your changed diet has had an effect on your gut flora profile.

At the bottom of the results page, you can load a summary of your results and a complete list of bacteria

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