The gut is close to our hearts

We have analyzed over 10,000 intestinal flora and learned one important thing. A sore and awkward stomach is a problem that many people struggle with. We want to change that.


Products for your gut health

We have observed that many people with stomach problems may have an overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine (SIBO). We want to give you an opportunity to gain control over your stomach and intestinal flora, since an unbalanced stomach can affect your well-being and your resource strength in everyday life.

GutClear™ - 440 SEK

For those with gut problems, such as a sore and swollen stomach, we recommend that you start with a course of GutClear™ before performing an intestinal flora analysis. A common cause of such problems is that you have intestinal bacteria in the wrong place, i.e in the small intestine, also called SIBO and stands for "small intestinal bacterial overgrowth." GutClear™ may help reducing the bacteria in the small intestine and give your stomach a fresh start.

Why GutClear™?

Gut flora analysis - 895 SEK

Your intestinal flora profile may affect your body and your well being. The intestinal flora analysis is for you who want dietary advice based on your unique intestinal flora, or for you who already follow a special diet and want to know if it is beneficial. Using a simple sampling procedure you may get a starting point to relate to in order to take control of your stomach.

Why having a gut flora test?

GutKit - GutClear™ and gut flora analysis - 1 190 SEK

Take a holistic approach to your stomach health by trying GutClear™ and an intestinal flora analysis. Some stomach problems may be aggravated by an increased intake of a high-fiber diet. Therefore, we recommend that you start by taking GutClear™ to reduce the amount of irritable bowel bacteria in the small intestine and get more relevant and useful dietary advice based on the profile of the intestinal flora after GutClear™ .

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Said about us

"My situation was so chaotic with stomach pains, gas, but also joint pain. I took GutClear and after just a few days I was completely fine. I have always medicated with omeprazole as I thought I had gastritis but this has healed a thousand times better with your product. I also feel calmer and more balanced. Now I'm excited to continue with the dietary advice you give when you get your test results. Thank you for all you do for those of us who live with these problems on a daily basis."

‐ Maria Olsson Bejmar -
Gut flora analysis

"I am a very satisfied customer who will return and do several analyzes to see if I can improve my intestinal flora further through their dietary advice. A health investment at a good price. Recommends everyone to do an analysis of their intestinal flora as a step in being able to influence their health."

‐ Elin Jarmosdotter -
Gut flora analysis

"I tried GutClear and noticed a difference already after a few days, although still nauseous while I used GutClear but this subsided after the last dose on the 10th day. Since then I have felt much better and my stomach is now cooperating with me! Now I can follow the dietary advice I received in connection with my analysis at Gutfeeling Labs and I have also eaten fish, especially salmon several times without problems, both oven baked and hot smoked and I am very happy for that :)"

‐ Selma - GutClear™

About Gutfeeling labs

The gut is close to our heart

Gutfeeling Labs was founded by researchers in immunology, microbiology and neuroscience from Lund University. The company's vision is to make it easy for the public to keep track of their stomach health.

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Gut health

The composition of the gut flora makes a difference

Recent research shows that certain intestinal bacteria may be associated with IBS and type-2 diabetes, but also with persistent symptoms of Covid-19 (long-term covid). With our comprehensive analysis, you get an overview of all the bacterial flora of your intestinal flora, both the so-called good and less good ones, as well as receive advice based on your gut flora analysis results.

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