About Gutfeeling Labs

Gutfeeling Labs was founded by researchers in immunology and neuroscience from Lund University. The company's vision is to use our analysis tool and dietary information to increase the public's interest in the intestinal flora as a source of health-promoting activities and manufacturer of beneficial substances for our body.

With knowledge of how your intestinal flora is composed, you can get increased motivation to add diet that may benefit the intestinal flora's production of substances that have a stabilizing effect on the intestine and anti-inflammatory effects.

Started by two associate professors in Lund, Sweden

Walter Fischer and Hans Fischer, associate professors in neuroscience and immunology from Lund University, respectively, started Gutfeeling Labs.

"We want to offer an economically reasonable gut microbiome test as well as information on diet and supplements that are useful to the public. Each one of us has a unique intestinal flora. We can provide a starting point for change - an individual balancing of the intestinal flora, "says Hans Fischer.

Hans and Walter's interest in the area was aroused in different ways. Hans Fischer has studied the intestinal flora for about ten years and has shown, among other things, that a special type of colon inflammation is linked to low levels of the bacterium Akkermansia, a bacterium that lives in the intestinal mucous layer.

"That was when I became interested in the possibility of diet to promote the growth of bacteria such as Akkermansia," says Hans Fischer.

Walter Fischer's interest in the intestinal flora started in connection with a research study he led on immunotherapy in patients with glioblastoma (cancer of brain cells) and which was published in the prestigious journal Nature communications 2018.

In his study, he saw that brain tumors shrank in some patients but not in others. "There are various theories as to why the immune system does not attack cancer cells, but when a research group showed that the profile of the intestinal flora and especially the presence of the bacterium Akkermansia was linked to an increased treatment effect of immunotherapy in cancer, I became involved in my brother's work," says Walter Fischer.

"By knowing your intestinal flora profile, you can get a starting point to relate to. We want to help the public increase awareness about bacteria with the potential to produce health-promoting substances through dietary information based on each individual's test result" says Hans Fischer.

Hans Fischer was affected by SIBO - now we want to help others.

We place a great emphasis on SIBO

We place a significant focus on SIBO, which was an unfamiliar term to us a few years ago until one of us was affected. Now, we are passionate about helping others with SIBO.

A few years ago, Hans began feeling very unwell, and the list of his vague symptoms kept growing. Fatigue, low mood, digestive issues, headaches, heart palpitations, and food intolerances - he gradually worsened, and the medication from his general practitioner didn't help. It wasn't until he sought help elsewhere and came across the concept of SIBO that he regained his health.

How Hans healed his SIBO